What I do

Marketing consulting

Looking for someone who can solve your problem in ten minutes, with the book of answers and the crystal ball? I suggest you look elsewhere. I work differently.

Stimuli, reflections, ideas, suggestions, relationships, connections between marketing, technology, philosophy and design: every cue can become the spark for the creative development of a communication project, to create beauty using different styles and transmit value, attract, orient, engage the customer.

A real strategy cannot be done with algorithms and artificial intelligence alone; those are powerful tools, but it takes something else to make a difference. We start from a careful needs analysis, the deep whys, sometimes already evident, other times to be discovered, to set realistic goals and develop an effective brand strategy.

We analyze your company’s online presence and that of your competitors to identify the potential and uniqueness of your business, to open up to new developments and find the most innovative solutions.

I believe it is time for companies to create strong brand identities supported by content strategies that speak to the heart of our interlocutor, that can be consistent, bold, sometimes against the tide. It will not be the choice of logo or the colors of your Linkedin cover to make the difference alone, but the set of actions taken in a multichannel logic and the affirmation of it’s uniqueness. Ready for this journey together?

Digital Strategy

It is the heart of my consulting. Thinking about business models, planning activities, identifying buyer personas, markets, studying competitors and developing marketing strategies is my daily challenge. I try to respond to different needs by using a team of professionals who specialize in different areas from SEO to graphic development, coordinating people and information while keeping the focus on the client’s objectives.


In a world seemingly dominated by images, words become even more important, thanks to their power to create reality, arouse emotions, and make us travel to unknown universes.

It is through writing that we can move values, feelings, support causes or sell a product. Not only storytelling but a real storydoing, to tell the story of your own business, by doing. Whether it is the headline of a newsletter, the About Us section or a post on Linkedin, each word presents and defines us.

Social Media Marketing

Kick a bush and out will come twenty social media managers and fourteen content creators. Everyone can say they work with social media, but few know how to communicate something that sticks in time.

Following the selection of the best channels to intercept your target audience, the drafting of an editorial plan and quality content crafted according to the principles examined we will make a difference in an ever-changing context, monitoring and improving over time.


I distrust those who persist in saying that corporate blogging is a thing of the past, because they certainly also supports flat-earthers, which, by the way, I like very much but would not entrust with prestigious assignments.

Through full freedom of expression this space allows you to share values, ideas and knowledge while remaining close to your audience and attracting new ones. Not only that, it is one of the most effective tools for SEO strategy, providing the opportunity to enrich and expand the website with additional pages indexable by keywords.

Writing is an exciting job, not always easy but that leads to good results.


I know, this is a very delicate point. Why spend on sponsorship? Because if with a good digital strategy we can grow, an advertising project can make us explode (in a good way of course).

Thanks to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok campaigns we can reach specific audiences and convert on targets. I also curate the direction for video and photo productions in collaboration with photographers, video makers and directors.


There are those who make money by selling non-sense courses, promising great results in no time. Then there are the big gurus, who have answers to everything. And Then there are those like me, who work their way between consulting, special projects and personal branding to try to offer information and training courses that, starting from a solid theoretical foundation, are based on their own experience. Therefore, Over the years, I have held hundreds of training courses for professionals, companies, agencies and for certified institutions.

The classroom, in-presence, remotely or in mixed mode is always a forge of ideas, a harbinger of small enlightenments and occasions for special encounters. Some might consider my training approach “atypical,” because yes, I send slides at the end but the course may vary depending on the day. In fact, I try to enhance the moment (otherwise you might as well watch a video online), making the sharing of ideas and knowledge the very essence of the experience, which, thanks to the active participation of the group, is always unique and different. And on top of everything, I want to be able to have fun and learn something new.

Each program is thus enriched with relationships that cross the boundaries of individual subjects to open up to the world of creative thinking, design and philosophy.

The courses I hold cover a wide range of topics through a cross-cutting, cross-industry approach.

Digital Marketing

Knowing the principles behind marketing and the most effective activities for online promotion constitute my bread and butter.

The differences between inbound and outbound marketing, the tasks of a project manager, the effective use of Linkedin and sales navigator, best practices for social media strategies, such as lead generation, content marketing, funnel, SEO and email marketing are some of the topics I cover.

Online and offline event management

An event is by definition something to remember. Attending one is an opportunity to facilitate business exchanges, build relationships of trust, acculturate and live memorable experiences. Having organized events, evenings, and exhibitions at Cersaie- Bologna Design Week, Fuorisalone in Milan, Czech Design Week, for client companies and entities, and as a co-organizer of TEDxReggioEmilia, I offer paths for the creation and management of events.

From the concept and title to the guests’ selection, from managing a team to web&social communication, from writing press releases and press office activities there are many aspects to consider. In my course I share problems and solutions, offering templates for creating successful events.

Digital wellness

It is easy to develop love-hate relationships with the digital world. There are days when we thank heaven that it exists, and others when we would like to give up everything and become mountain hermits.

As a result of years of studying and implementing projects such as Digital Detox Design, I have developed a training course dedicated to those who want to rediscover the pleasure of a disconnected life, without necessarily having to say goodbye to today’s reality.

Personal Branding

Each person is unique, each path a story to be told and enhanced.

For this reason I help professionals to reinvent themselves, to advance in their careers, to radically change their lives or simply to be more appreciated within their work teams. Thanks to many mistakes, good books and excellent training courses today I support others in their growth.

The approach starts from dialogue, listening and sharing ideas to set up a personal brand strategy capable of clearly communicating the values that make you unique in your industry.

Through the use of dedicated tests, games and canvas I can guide you in the development of a broad and defined vision with which to recognize your goals, identify your specificities, your style of communication, and the best channels to reach your audience, taking care of every aspect.

We will spend time writing post-its notes, attaching them , detaching them , evaluating them, moving them around, deleting them. Because yes, it is never easy to build an exhaustive picture of yourself and the result is never certain but when you get to the final picture you usually acquire a higher level of awareness and everything becomes clear.

In this process I bring to bear all the experience I gained over the years and from following projects with experts dedicated to personal enhancement. From image care to the management of every level of communication, I support those who wish to follow their own path capable of bringing out all hidden and unexplored potential.

Events and special projects

Too many times I have attended events full of expectations, sure that they would leave me a thought, a reflection, an insight, and then find little more than an aseptic display of products, or having to deal with obvious organizational problems that irreparably compromised the user experience.

I believe that an event can be much more. It can become an immersive experience capable of leaving an indelible mark. It is precisely these that even after time are remembered and can be  inspiring. I decided to switch from the participant’s side to the organizer‘s side to test myself, not because I consider myself better but to put something of my own into it.

I conceived and developed the Digital Detox Design project bringing Living Experience to life during Milan Design Week 2019. I curated of Digital PR & Press for 4 editions of Bologna Design Week until I decided to take part in it by organizing my own projects such as Esprit du vélo and Alkemia. Finally for several years I have been collaborating in the realization of TEDxReggioEmilia as a volunteer for concept writing, social media management, speaker interviews, partner meetings, invitations, text revision, etc.

Organizational knowledge, art direction, development skills, a network of collaborators and professionals in the world of Design. These are all aspects I bring with me to every event and project I am involved in.